The Small Voice is an experiment to tell and share stories.

It is born out of a belief that as citizens we all have a responsibility to participate in conversations and discussions that make community possible. Those of us who have been trained to engage people in conversations have a special responsibility.

Journalists – journeymen or masters — need to keep people talking, especially when disagreements and distances are separated by a deep chasm. Harangue as method, certitude as temperament, invective as speech and mocking as mode do not enable conversations. They foreclose. The Small Voice wishes and hopes to make discussion possible.

It is an experiment committed to being true to only the voice within recognizing that there are those who would consider the very idea of the small voice to be a chimera.

As an experiment and as one that has chosen to name itself The Small Voice, this is a place that allows for doubt, uncertainty, questions and error. The Small Voice wishes and hopes to learn in this process.

Since the Internet grants impunity to anonymous voices, and The Small Voice cannot shirk from responsibility, for the record, this small attempt is made by an entity called Font & Pixel Media LLP.